Recognizing that easy access to menstrual hygiene products is a fundamental human necessity, we are committed to helping underserved women more-easily take charge of their health. The inability to readily secure feminine hygiene products is a crippling problem for women’s health worldwide. We supply pads and tampons to underserved women through food pantries in the DFW area.

The objective of Take Charge. Period. is simple: Collect and distribute menstrual hygiene products to women in need.

On September 26th of 2015, Tammi Kollinger founded Take Charge. Period. She started with a goal to collect and distribute 100 packages of tampons, pads and panty liners before 2016. Take Charge. Period. quickly reached the goal by the second week of November. One year later, Take Charge. Period. had collected hundreds of items and gained hundreds of supporters.

More recently, one of our outstanding supporters, Laura Harvey, joined Take Charge. Period. In May of 2016, she hosted a party for Take Charge. Period. that collected 670 packages of pads and tampons as well as $1300. With her contribution of packages and time we were able to add Frisco Family Services Pantry to the list of pantries we support that also includes Jewish Family Services and Vickery Meadow. In February 2017, we added GRACE in Grapevine to the pantries we support.  The food pantries are grateful for the monthly donations and have been able to give their patrons an entire month’s supply consistently rather than distributing a few tampons or pads every couple of months or so.

We are currently supplying 80 packages a month to each pantry, totaling 320 packages donated monthly. Please visit our How To Help link to find out more about how you can contribute.