What food pantries does Take Charge. Period. currently serve?
Jewish Family Services, Vickery Meadow and Frisco Family Services. Our goal is to provide each location with 90 boxes of menstrual products a month.

Do you accept open packages or loose menstrual products?
YES! Take Charge. Period. accepts loose and/or open packages. We can re-package loose products and donate to homeless shelters.

What needs do you currently have?
Take Charge. Period. is always in need of pads, tampons, panty liners, monetary donations and volunteers. A great place to look for ideas is our Amazon Wish List!

Have you heard about menstrual cups?
While menstrual cups are a great product for most women and very eco-friendly we do not accept menstrual cups. Most of the woman who we serve are unable to use menstrual cups due to religious and/or social taboos.

Do you accept Midol and other menstrual cramp medications?
Due to the shelf life of such products it is difficult for food pantries to accept such items.

Are donations eligible for tax deductions?
Take Charge. Period. is a 501(3)c non-profit, so yes all donations are eligible for tax deductions.

Is someone available to come speak to my church/club/organization?
We would love to! Please contact us directly at: info@takechargeperiod.org so we can arrange a time to speak to your group!